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Brandon Levy

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #1289734


C: (847) 858-4378

At Your Service

Brandon Levy is an experienced loan officer with over 16+ years in the business. Originally from Chicago, Brandon has had experience in multiple markets and is licensed in Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania. He is an expert in both government and conventional loan program guidelines and is an expert in the use of various income qualification methods.

To his Realtor partners, Brandon has been an instrumental part of both growing their business and saving many deals that other lenders have not been able to get done. By joining Jackson Henry Mortgage, his skills are now entirely able to be maximized by use of all the loan programs that JHM carries. He is always available to his clients and Realtors with a level of dedication that is second to none.

Bryan L. Taylor

"I was trying to refinance my mortgage to lower my monthly payment. From the moment I spoke to the loan officer, I was impressed with the service. They were patient and treated me with respect. I was able to get a lower interest rate and lower my monthly payment."
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